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GMless play

GM'd play

A picture of the physical version of the Utopia book and a copy of Utopia displayed on a tablet. The cover of the book features three futuristic characters standing in front of a skyline of soaring skyscrapers.

What is it?

Utopia is a neo-futuristic roleplaying game, drawing on elements of cyberpunk and speculative science fiction. In Utopia, you will make some decisions about your setting, create a character with goals and ambitions and work to achieve those goals, while dealing with whatever challenges the world throws at you.


solo and GMless play

How does it work?

Unlike other tabletop roleplaying games, where the game master drives the story forward through a scenario they craft, the characters drive the story forward in Utopia as they pursue a set of goals that they determine during character creation. Meanwhile, rolling on the newsfeed table at the beginning of each week of play provides an escalating timeline of events happening in the city, that the player may choose to engage with, and each roll provides the opportunity for new complications to frustrate your characters plans. 

A New game system

Utopia is built with a new, easy to learn game system that features:

  • a newsfeed to simulate the events happening in your city

  • a wound based combat and confrontation system to resolve physical combat or complex rhetorical debate

  • the danger system, which determines the difficulty of tasks your character faces in their adventure

  • and more cool tech gadgets and cybernetic enhancements than you'll know what to do with

SolarPunk City.jpg
A lineup of 21 cyberpunk characters.
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