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The Game System

The Dice

Utopia uses a combination of ten sided dice and six sided dice for all rolls in the game. You can play the game with as little as one of each, but I'd recommend 3 d10s and about 5 d6s, since it's always more fun rolling a fistful of dice than it is rolling one over and over again. 

Rolling the Dice

In Utopia, most actions are resolved by making a skill roll. Skill rolls are made by rolling a pool of dice, adding the results of the roll together and comparing it against the difficulty rating to determine if you succeed or fail. 


Each dice pool begins with 2 d10s, to which you add additional d6s based on your characters skills, knowledge and other bonuses from their equipment or bravado.

YOUR DICE POOL:     2d10 + skill dice + knowledge dice


Difficulty of tasks in Utopia is determined by rolling dice based on one of two things:

  • Danger Level - A number on your character sheet representing the current danger your character faces. This will go up and down depending on the tasks your character engages in and the events happening in the city that week.

  • Determination - The measure of the general skill of an NPC (determined by rolling during NPC creation) or an opponent (determined by consulting a table).

Combat or Confrontation

Utopia has combat abilities and equipment aplenty, however, not every characters story is all about action, guns and gore. For some characters, words will be their weapons of choice and the human heart and mind their battlefield. For this reason, Utopia comes equipped with a dual system called combat and confrontation where characters can engage in physical combat or rhetorical debate. (Utopia is designed so you can play without ever engaging in violence)

In either combat or confrontation, you or your GM will set the difficulty rating of your opponent based on a handy table and some loose guidelines, then you will choose from 4 combat/confrontation actions and roll against the difficulty rating. The difference between your roll and the difficulty rating will determine the effectiveness of your move. 


A newsfeed of events happening in your city every week that your character can interact with. The newsfeed is powered by a massive rolling table of 100 different events that will pop up, linger in your city just long  enough to cause you trouble and be replaced by new events.

More to Explore

There's lots more to explore in the pages of Utopia, including:

  • character creation options

  • NPC followers

  • equipment and tech devices

  • cybernetic enhancements

  • systems for hacking, software and AI programming

  • special rules for custom scenarios (including radioactive fallout, invasive plant infestations and nanophages)

  • information on how to make your own Utopia content

  • and just so much more (really it's 248 pages... there's a lot in there)

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